05th September 2020


Useful Tips for a First Time Car Buyer

Buying a car for the first time can be a very exciting task to implement; however, there are many factors which you as a first time car owner must bear in mind. Remember buying a car is a huge investment which you need to commit to, therefore, it requires proper planning and management beforehand so that you could make the best out of your investment horizon.

We at Auto Best, take proper care to fulfil the personal interests of the buyers while they make a purchase. Not only do we provide them with exclusive models of various brands but also, we make sure that the buyer is satisfied with his purchase. Here are some of the useful tips which could help you plan out your investment deed of buying a car.

  • Set your goals beforehand: Firstly, you have to be true to yourself before making the purchase. Evaluate your needs and ask yourself the purpose of buying a car such as why do you need a car? To drive yourself at work or for weekend adventures? Also, check for the weather conditions you are living in such as hot, rainy or snowy.

  • Evaluate your budget: Your budget should not only include the purchasing value of the car you wish to own, but you should consider the aftermath of purchasing the car as well. Therefore, make a proper estimation of the maintenance charges, repair value, services needed, parking and addition of organisers and gadgets in your car.

  • Check out for options: With the benefit of having access to the net, you can now explore a range of cars listed with the specific configurations and values by just using your fingertips. Moreover, with a wider variety and comparison, you could end up making a worthy investment.

  • Compare similar models: This too can be easily carried out by the help of internet services. By comparing similar models that are based on their configurations and setup you can decide on which one is a better car to invest in.

  • Go for second-hand cars: Another prudent investment option for first-time car buyers is that they could check out a series of second-hand models for an affordable purchase. Here at Auto Best, we serve you with the best pre-owned luxury cars in Delhi. You can easily take a glance at our gallery online at Auto Best Emperio.

  • Apply for a loan: If financing your dream car in out of your budget, you could seek financial aid from loan providers against which you could pay off the entire sum in instalments later on. Make sure to check out various financial institutions who offer a lending hand to finance such investments. However, you should be wise enough to compare the interest rates and the tenure for repayment procedure. It is always best to go for the financing institution offering the lowest interest rates.

  • Keep track of your credit history: One of the vital elements to look for before applying for a car loan is your credit history stating your credit score. A better credit score enables the lender to estimate your capability in repaying the loan. Therefore, if you are planning to invest in a car, you must take proper care to meet your credit bills on time.

  • Go for a test drive: After having shortlisted several cars as per your budget and requirements, you can ask for a test drive to conclude. Going for test drives with the shortlisted cars on the same day is recommended so that you can compare and conclude as to which car matches best with your vibe.

  • Do not rush with decisions: Check out every little alternative to make a valuable purchase that will result in being worth an investment. Remember buying a car is a huge investment commitment, especially when you are investing it by taking a car loan. All the factors and features such as EMIs, interests, tenure should be considered without rushing to make a profitable deed.

  • Ponder over the resale value: Irrespective of the type of car you are buying whether it is a first-hand or a second-hand car, you should always think of the resale value of it before purchase. This is because investing in a car is an asset for your future which you could surely use for funding emergency needs.

  • Seal the deal: As soon as you decide on your purchase, all you have to do is sign the agreement and seal the deal. However, note that you should never sign up before negotiating the price with the dealer. Take time to read and understand the terms and conditions of the deal along with the guarantee and warranty statements given in the contract.

  • Be prepared to finance extra expenses: Buying a car is not the end of your deal. After that comes various expenses such as a car insurance plan, registration procedure, taxes duty, and many more for which you have to prepare for. Therefore, take your time in properly analysing your needs and budget before you invest.

Thus, take these useful tips as references for your purchase and make sure you seal a profitable deal. For any queries or guide, you can check ABE’s collection of cars online at our official Auto Best Emperio website.

List of services offered at ABE’s collection

Before affirming the services offered at Auto Best Emperio, we would like to inform you that you can buy second-hand luxury cars online through our website. We are one of the top second-hand luxury car sellers located in Delhi and here is the list stating some of the other services offered by us:

  • We are experts in both buying and selling second-hand cars.

  • We prepare for getting the best insurance plan from a trusted provider for your car.

  • Proper attention is provided to bring you the best loan provider for your purchase.

  • Extra guidance is given to check on the best deals having low-interest rates and EMI plans based on your financial capability.

  • Online calculation of the EMI is done for the buyers to estimate the principal, interest and tenures before they sign the contract.

  • Claim settlements are carried out without any hassle.

  • Booking of car services is also carried out here.

  • Installation of gadgets and car organisers to upgrade their existing or newly purchased car is also done here.

To order used luxury car from ABE, check out https://www.autobest.co.in/ where you can take a glance at the features of a series of cars belonging to international brands such as Lamborghini, Range Rover, Toyota, BMW, Bentley, Cadillac, Chrysler, Audi, Ferrari, Jaguar, etc.

After having checked our gallery, you can also take a look at the other services offered at Auto Best Emperio. Visit our blogs for gaining insight on more related topics regarding investments made in affordable and well-renowned second-hand luxury cars.

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