24th August 2020


How to Get the Best Deals on Used Luxury Cars

  • Go For Lease Returns

Leased luxury cars are generally in a much better condition than non-leased or non-luxury cars. The people who take the car on lease are supposed to be careful about the use of the car and the number of kilometres they run the car because the damage to the car or extra miles can cause the person to pay dearly for them. Hence, previously leased cars are supposed to be in a much better condition than a non-leased one. A used luxury car needs fewer repairs over time because of the high quality of these cars. The used cars that were driven with care by the previous owner, will require fewer repair and maintenance. So, you should look for a luxury car that was previously leased.

  • Do Online Research

Before visiting the luxury cars showroom, do online research on the stock cars over the virtual showroom. Look for whether it’s a first user or a second user car. Find out regarding the condition and performance of the car over a period. You can have access to the actual performance data of the car. Choosing the right luxury car with minimal complaints can save you a lot of money and you will get the best deals on luxury used cars.

  • Be Choosy About the Dealer While You Choose Your Car

The strategy to buy used luxury cars is different from that of buying a new one. First of all, you should be aware of the reputation of the dealer. If you go by the price of the car alone, you will get the used luxury cars of the same price at all the dealers and you won't be able to distinguish between them. All luxury cars are not the same in terms of mileage, maintenance, etc. even if their prices are the same. The standard of the dealer is more important than merely the price of the vehicle. Buying a used luxury car is more cost-effective than buying a new non-luxury car. The new luxury cars are selling today at about 50% of the original price. Many top-line luxury cars which are just a few years old are now available for a much cheaper price compared to its original price.

  • Get the Vehicle Scanned

Luxury cars second hand is a high-end piece of machine with a lot of sophisticated components and accessories such as sensors, computers and controls. The vehicle you are considering buying should undergo a diagnostic scanning to see whether there are some subtle flaws which can escape an inspection manually. The diagnosis should ideally be done by an expert, maybe from the dealer’s end. If there is any potentially expensive issue within the electronic circuitry or system, there may be some warning light or signals. It is better to know about the potential snags before you buy the car and find the repair quite expensive later on after the purchase. A diagnostic scan is cheap but revealing tells you about any potentially concealed issues which might prove a headache for you in future. 

  • Have the Vehicle Inspected 

A pre-purchase inspection of the vehicle is highly recommended and it can be carried out at the dealers. An experienced technician will be able to do the threadbare analysis and check-up. For peace of mind and trouble-free ride, you must buy the used car after the PPI only. It opens up the way for pre-emptive repair or to address any hidden problems.

  • Don’t Select Air Suspension

You should avoid luxury used cars with air suspension system because though they give you a comfortable ride, in the long run, their maintenance may be quite expensive. If there is air suspension it is advisable to get it thoroughly inspected and diagnosed. You should also opt for an extended warranty if there are air suspension systems in the car. It will take care of their repair cost in case they develop some issues later.

  • Check the Central Command System

You should check the central command system of the car. You should run the system and get it examined and thoroughly diagnosed. You can connect the smartphone with Bluetooth, make calls, play the media, go through the menus and commands and be certain about the display screen and controllers. You should also be very sure of all other buttons to see if they are working without a hitch. If there is a central knob, central dial or joystick, you should make sure they work perfectly in all directions and are not sticky anyway. If they are not so, they might need replacement which can be pretty expensive. If the central command system has defects or shows some faults, they may need a software overhaul or replacement. It is better you knew about them before you make the purchase. 

  • Watch for Modifications

If the used luxury car you want to purchase has been modified by the previous owner it’s better to leave it. There may be cheaper components and parts fitted. Some owners change over to oversized tyres or modified suspensions. It is better to stay away from these modified vehicles. 

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