01st October 2020


Car Servicing: All You Need To Know

Buying a car is a thrill that every person wants to experience at least once in life. Driving on the empty roads with the windows down, just speeding past the trees with the wind rushing past your ears. It's a different kind of bliss. But this bliss lasts only while the car is in good shape and has been maintained properly. Whether it be a second hand luxury car or a first hand buy, regular servicing of every car is very important to maintain its best quality. A car is a very powerful and complex machinery which is fairly responsible for your life when you are sitting inside it. Under no circumstances is it worth the chance ever to risk your life, therefore, you MUST get your car servicing done on time always.

If you are untrained regarding serving cars or car servicing for used premium cars or pre owned luxury cars or second hand cars in general, here’s a guide for you!

1.   Check and Change the Fluids of the Car

Fluids are a very vital part of your car that helps the smooth running of your car. Checking up on it and replacing it on a regular basis is step number one to keep your car in its best condition.

Usually most cars use the following fluids: brake oil, engine oil, clutch oil (only for manual cars), power steering fluid, windscreen washer fluid, gearbox oil, battery electrolyte fluid, radiator coolant, automatic transmission fluid. Other than these there may be other fluids that may require your attention according to your car type.

2.   Engine Air Filters

The engine air filters can be compared to the human lungs, if it is clogged up with dust and dirt it will make it impossible for you to breathe clean air, thereby decreasing the car's performance and making you sick. In the similar manner if the engine air filter is clogged up with foreign dust particles and dirt, it will decrease the performance quality of the engine and the car will stop working. To save yourself from a huge bill make sure to check up on your car on time.

3.   Check up on the Tyres

Tyres are one of the most important parts of a car. Checking up on them and taking care of them regularly is a must for every car owner, and it should not be avoided under any circumstance. A few important things to take care of while servicing your car tyres  are:

  • Get your tyres inflated to the correct pressure according to the weather and your car’s needs. This step increases the life expectancy of your tyres and also reduces the fuel consumption by a huge percentage.

  • Another good way to extend the life expectancy of your car’s tyres is to get them rotated regularly to reduce uneven wear.

  • In case the tyres are worn out due to friction, get them replaced by new ones to avoid any future accidents.

  • Get your tyres fixed and repaired if there’s a puncture running high on risk.

4.   Check on your car batteries

Car batteries help in the smooth running of your car but they usually have the habit of clicking out, especially when you need them the most. To avoid a situation like that it is advised to:

  • Keep a track of their age.

  • When you open the bonnet check for corrosion on the terminals.

  • Do replace and refill the battery fluid regularly. Use distilled water for this purpose and make sure to not overfill it.

Other than the above checklist, make sure to start and use the car frequently to avoid the drainage of battery.

5.   Cleaning the car

One very important, and quite frankly a given fact, is that the car should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain the quality of the car. Cleaning both the interior and exterior of the car is very crucial to keep your car in a healthy condition. Cleaning the car regularly keeps the paint intact and maintains the shine of the car like a brand new one. Cleaning the car from inside maintains the quality of the leather of the car seats and you don’t have to spend dozens every 5 years over renewing the seat covers.Cleaning the car also helps lower the depreciation value of the car.

6.   Other things to take care of:
  • Check the tension in the seatbelts and check the belt buckle operations

  • Check the headlights, indicator lights, brake lights, reverse lights, hazard lights, and Park and Fog lights and get them repaired or replaced to avoid any mishap.

  • Check the handbrake and make sure that it can restrict the vehicle from slipping down a slope.

  • Check the Windscreens and Mirrors.

  • Check for wearing out wiper blades and replace them if found necessary.

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