29th August 2020


Perks Of Investing In a Second-Hand Car

Advantages of a Second-Hand Car over a New Car


Deciding to go for a used car? You will save more to afford a premium model within the same budget. When it comes to buying a car, you need to make a lot of critical decisions, like your budget, type of car, the colour, make and model. While buying a brand-new car can be an exciting idea, deciding on second-hand luxury cars has its rewards. A market survey suggests that the used car sales in India have increased by almost 50% within one year. This can be attributed to the organized players jumping the fray in this market segment and a better guarantee of the quality of cars offered by them. Read on to understand the advantages of a second-hand car:

●       You can get a premium brand and model at the price of a regular brand-new car

If you can buy a used car at a competitive price and showroom condition, there’s nothing like it.  Affordability and savings are the dual advantages. You can own a pre-owned car of your preferred make and model at a much lesser price when compared with a new car of the same model.

●       Helps reduce the depreciation value of the car

After its purchase, the new car value depreciates by approximately 20% every year during the initial years. This means that the value of a new car will go down approximately 50% through the first 02 to 03 years. Some luxury cars even have a sharper rate of depreciation during the early years. Then there is the issue of some luxury cars going out of fashion, thus losing their value rather drastically over the period.

Therefore, buying second-hand luxury cars makes sense as the value has already depreciated.

●       You save on registration fees and other expenses

While buying a new car you make payments to the Government on account of registration fees, road taxes, and other charges levied by the RTO. You end up paying more as the on-road price for the new car. You save on these expenses when buying pre-owned cars instead. These expenses would have already been paid by the first owner.

●       Complete assurance and warranty on the pre-owned cars

With the organized players entering the second-hand cars market, there has been a healthy competition among them in buying & selling pre-owned cars. The used cars are checked thoroughly for all quality issues before being showcased. 

At ABE we believe that to sell cars one must buy cars giving priority to quality, trust and transparency. We achieve this by practising our philosophy of:

  • No Accident Cars Sold or Bought

  • No Odometer Tampered Cars Showcased

  • No Hidden Cost Involvement in the transaction

  • No Processing Fee Charged

●       No need to pay extra for all installations already fitted by the first owner

Generally, the pre-owned cars already have accessories like protective windscreens film, bumper-guards, alloy wheels and other add-ons installed. In the case of new cars, you need to get these installed paying extra for them.

●       Lower Insurance Premium for a used car

Since Insurance premium is calculated on the value of the car, the amount of premium to be paid will be higher for a new car because of higher value. For pre-owned cars, the value being depreciated will attract a lower premium for insurance coverage.

At ABE we provide you with more than just car insurance. We offer the best solutions for car insurance.  For more valuable information on how to get insurance for a second-hand car, please visit our website https://www.autobest.co.in, specifically the blog section.

●       Reduces Carbon Footprint

Abroad, there is the practice of sending the second-hand cars to the scrapyard where the components are segregated, shredded and recycled and those components that cannot be recycled are refused. During each of these processes, there is the use of energy, mostly using carbonaceous fossil fuel, contributing to environmental pollution all over again. As it is, the manufacturing process had also contributed to some amount of carbon footprint

With the cars being reused for several more years it helps in reduction of Carbon Footprint.

 With all the virtues listed above, we are sure that you have by now realized and appreciate the advantages of second-hand cars. Armed with the valuable knowledge you are now one up when compared to others in exercising your wisdom in buying second-hand luxury cars from Auto Best Emperio. So why wait any longer? Go for striking the best deal!

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