01st October 2020


Performance-Check For Second-Hand Cars: A Guide

With the crazy speed that the second-hand car industry is growing at, the day when second-hand car sales will be more than the first-hand car purchase is not that far if one must know. Buying a preowned luxury car or a used premium car for sale gives you the opportunity to become the rightful owner of a premium brand car without leaving a dent in your pocket. Buying a used premium car leads to more savings and gives you a choice to buy a premium car in the same budget, a win-win situation!

Buying a second-hand car is a hassle-free process that gives you the advantage of avoiding the duties of paying registration fees and other charges that come with buying a first-hand car. There’s also a chance that the seller may have done some add-ons to the vehicle that comes with the car and saves you the trouble of getting them done. Another advantage is that they reduce your car insurance premiums, and the biggest advantage is that they help you contribute positively to the environment by practically taking the job of recycling to the next level.

If you are into the idea of buying a second hand used premium car, then we bring you the guide on second-hand car performance checker:

1.   Do your homework on the car beforehand.

Before you even decide on inspecting the car, make sure to do your thorough research beforehand and lookup if the car is reliable and the performance history of the car. Read the reviews of customers who have bought the car and do check if the car suits according to your needs and priorities. Do not make a decision based on just the size and design of the car but also the performance history of the car before you make the decision.

Auto Best Emperio (ABE) brings you the best-used premium car collection, with all the details you need, for the best market price available. From pre-owned luxury cars to used premium cars, all models and brands are available for you to finally get the luxurious experience you’ve been restricting yourself from.

2.   Inspect the exterior of the car

The first step would be to check the body of the car for any dents, rust, or significant scratches visible on the car. Check for any misaligned panels or large gaps that can indicate sloppy assembly or an unprofessional repair. Also, do check that the paint colour and the finishing is the same on all the body panels. It is advised that one should neglect light scratches and minor cosmetics, but if you find rust, then that could be an area of concern.

Other than these things, the other things to inspect are:

  • Suppose all the doors and windows operate properly. Inspect the rubber seals for any tearing and check if the doors are loose on their hinges.

  • Check all the glass screens and mirrors. Check for any cracks or fogging. Mere chipping here and there might not be a big issue, but a daunting crack can be an area of concern.

  • Check the suspension of the car. Make sure that the car is standing at the same level. Try and bounce each corner to see if the car rebounds just once, if it does then the shock absorbers are in good shape.

  • Check all the lights and lenses of the car. Check the indicators, brake lights, headlights, and confirm that they are in good working condition or need repairing.

  • Check the tyres of the car. Tyres are one of the most important parts of the car, make sure they are not worn out or have any punctures.

3.   Inspect the interior of the car

The exterior of the car is, of course important, but the interior is comparatively more critical because this is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Ultimately, the car is an investment for your comfort, if you don’t feel comfortable when you sit inside, then what’s the point of buying the car?

Here are some things to check for while inspecting the interior of the car:

  • Check the seats of the car. Check the seat covers if they are worn out or need to be renewed. Check the adjustment settings of the car and if the levers work correctly and smoothly. Sit and check if the seats are comfortable enough to drive around in.

  • Check the pedals of the car. Check if they work smoothly without excessive pressure. Check the rubber on the brake, gas pedal, and the clutch, in case of a manual car. If the rubber is worn through in spots or it is brand new, this means that the car has been used a lot.

  • Check all the buttons, and make sure they work correctly.

  • Check that all the lights, including the indicator lights, work properly.

  • Make sure that the speedometer and odometer work properly.

  • Check the sound system and the CD player, if one is available. Try your aux cable, play a few songs on the radio to see if the car catches signal properly and select the car if you find the system to be working satisfactorily.

  • Check the floor mats of the car, look for any wet spots on the carpet too.

  • Check the roof, particularly the headliner and roof trim, to look for any sagging or leakage. If the car comes with a sunroof or moonroof, then make sure that water doesn’t leak through them, and they close properly.

  • Other than these things, check the odour of the car for any musky or smoky smell. If the car belonged to a smoker, then getting rid of that smell can be a task, and it is something you should consider while buying the car.

These are some things, one who is not very familiar with the technical working of a car can inspect on their own on first look. To check the performance of the car better and get its engine and other essential systems and mechanisms checked, make sure to get the car check by your trusted mechanic before you decide to purchase it. Choose the best-used premium car online from Auto Best Emperio (ABE). HAPPY DRIVING!

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