29th August 2020


Must-Have Documents When Buying A Used Car

Here are some documents required when buying a used car:
1.    Registration Certificate of the Car

A Registration Certificate or RC is an important document that has all information about the car like:

  • The engine number, VIN and Chassis number.

  • RC book for older cars and smart card for newer ones.

  • Change of engine or colour

  • Mention of CNG and insurance

  • Number of previous owners of the car

  • State of registration

You have to change the ownership name on the RC book. For a smart card, you have to update the O.SL.No. i.e. if the current O.SL.No. is 1 then after it is transferred to your name it will be updated to O.SL.No. 2. Also, remember that if you are going to use the car in a different state than where it is registered, you will have to do the registration in that state only. If the current registration number is of Maharashtra but you are to use the car in Gujarat, then you need to register the car in Gujarat.

At (ABE) we help you to get the RC Transferred seamlessly. Know more about this service on our blog.

2.    Papers of Car Insurance

The Government of India has made it mandatory to have insurance for a car to ply on the road. If the car has an existing insurance policy, it should be transferred to your name. In case the insurance policy has expired, you must get a new policy done. Whether you buy compact cars or luxury cars second-hand, all must be covered by an insurance policy.

3.      Clearance of Road Tax receipts
Make sure all road tax is paid by the previous owner as this could make you fall into trouble. You will have to bear the penalties which could cost more than the price you pay for the car. So get all the original road tax receipts from the owner before buying any of the stock cars.

4.    Car Purchase Invoice

If you are buying a car from an individual owner then ask for a duly signed car purchase invoice with all due payments cleared. In case you buy it from a dealer, then they will provide you with a new invoice under their company name. This is one of the most important documents required when buying a car.

5.    Service Book

Acquiring a service book will give a detailed record of service schedules, repairing and replacement history and accident reports. A second-hand car with a complete service book is the best option to buy.

6.    Duel Fuel Certification

If a car has an old LPG or CNG tank, there should be a corresponding duel fuel certification and NOC from the RTO. This certifies the car to be safe and can run on both types of fuel. Also, remember to acquire the receipt of the tank installed.

7.    Form 32 and 35

This is for the cars that have been bought on a loan or have been mortgaged earlier. The seller will give you a no-objection certificate from the bank stating that all debts are cleared for the car. However, if you are willing to buy the car with the existing loan then transfer the loan to your name. After this, you may choose to pay the loan entirely to the bank or pay the EMIs.


No matter whether you buy second-hand compact cars or luxury cars in India, you will require all the above-mentioned documents. It is not about just buying a car but owning one. With a car, you have to have all its legal papers with its certificates and other documents. These will make you a legal owner and your purchase will be ethical. India has strict auto ownership guidelines therefore,  you should be more concerned about having the documents to your name.  With ABE selling you the car you need not worry since we provide you with all documents with the car purchased by you.

We at Auto Best Emperio give you the best deals on luxurious cars and compact cars with all documents. So you have your peace of mind when you buy a car from us. We have a wide range of stock cars in good condition and at incredible prices.

Owning a car could simplify your life in this pandemic situation. Travel without worrying about being exposed to Covid-19 virus from co-passengers. If you are looking for luxurious second-hand cars then visit any luxury cars showroom and compare prices with second-hand cars. You will find a big difference in the price range. The second-hand cars may not be new but their looks would suggest otherwise.

At Auto Best Emperio, we offer second-hand cars that have minimum damages and look anew. Now you can buy luxury used cars too without any worries and fulfil your dream. All cars are closely inspected and priced fairly. You would not have to take the pain of getting the formalities done yourself as we do it all for you. We make the second-hand car purchase a cakewalk for you.

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