14th September 2020


Manual Or Automatic Car: Which One Is For You?

Before you sign up for purchasing your dream car, you must check the available varieties, especially in context to the transmission type. Cars are distinguished by their transmission types which are: automatic and manual. Both these types of transmission modes have gained popularity over the years; however, it is the cars with the manual transmission that are used extensively throughout the country. Besides being popular in India, manual cars are preferred in Europe as well as the rest of Asia while automatic cars are widely used in the United States.

One of the most popular questions as to Which is better, automatic or manual cars, can be easily addressed after taking a look at the pros and cons of both the transmission types. However, firstly we would like to notify you that we at Auto Best Emperio provide customised cars for our clients based on their needs and demands. Therefore, you can easily reach out for an astounding car by telling us your preferences.

In this article, we will discuss some of the Manual vs Automatic Car pros cons so that you can get a better understanding of the two types of cars and make your selection accordingly.

Manual Car vs Automatic Car 

In Manual Cars, the person driving has better control over the vehicle as the driver can independently shift the vehicle into different gears by making use of the clutch pedal and the shift knob. In this type of car, you can manually select the gear by transferring power and torque from the engine to the transmission with the help of the foot pedal and the hand lever. Moreover, cars with a manual transmission are often referred to by other synonyms like having a manual gearbox, standard transmission, stick shift or stick, gearbox and clutch.

On the other hand, automatic cars having automatic transmission is known to have a self-shifting transmission which does not bear the manual gear tools like a clutch pedal. A person driving automatic cars need not use the gear stick for transmission as the car is automatically loaded with the function of changing gears for altering the car speed on road.

Having known the qualities of the two types of transmission, we can draw a comparison between manual vs automatic car India. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of these transmission types:

Pros of Manual Cars

● Manual cars are comparatively cheaper than automatic cars.

● The drivers have better control over the vehicle by the use of hand gears and foot pedals.

● Manual cars are better fuel-efficient vehicles.

● Due to its better acceleration features, manual cars are often preferred by performance drivers and racers.

● Servicing cost of the manual cars is also within budgeted rates.

Cons of Manual Cars

● Even though manual cars are great for acquiring full control over the vehicle, it requires extensive input from the drivers.

● Learning how to drive manual cars requires extensive practice and thus, it is a time-consuming process.

● The value of the manual cars gradually falls when you opt for reselling it.

● Sometimes, managing the gears could be challenging on roads with heavy traffic and frequent stops.

Pros of Automatic Cars

● Automatic cars are easier to operate than the manual ones.

● It is an ideal choice for beginners having lesser experience on the road.

● The resale value of automatic cars is comparatively higher than manual transmission cars.

● Heavy traffic and frequent stops could be easily attended by the use of automatic cars.

● Demand for input from the drivers is also less.

Cons of Automatic Cars

● Automatic cars are not so budget-friendly as its costs are quite high.

● Moreover, service charges and damage repairs are also expensive for vehicles having an automatic transmission.

● It is known to consume more fuel and hence is a less fuel-efficient vehicle.

Thus, both the transmission types have their advantages and disadvantages on the road. The question as to which car is better manual or automatic depends on your requirements. The fact that where you are driving the car matters the most. If you are used to driving on busy roads with heavy traffic then automatic cars could serve your purpose, whereas if you are used to driving on highways at an increased speed then you can go for the manual cars.

Also, you should consider whether the car will be used by other drivers or not and whether they are familiar with the transmission type you are going to select.

If you are a beginner then it's good to go with automatic gears and if you are well-experienced you can easily get along with the manual transmission gears. Make sure you choose wisely as buying a car is one of the big commitments as well as investment in life. Pick your car from the variety of cars by Auto Best Emperio!

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